Policy Review

As policies mature and laws change, so do client needs. The team at Sage Consulting takes pride in our auditing process & provides the most comprehensive analysis to policies while providing suggestions for optimal coverage and wealth building strategies.

The Sage Audit Process/Issues Faced by Trustees

Policies today, even those issued a couple of years ago, are not performing as expected. Any number of factors can dramatically compromise your policy's performance resulting in a policy that is considerably more expensive than anticipated. Sage Consulting provides the most sophisticated diagnostic tools available to businesses and families today. The Sage insurance audit process identifies savings and reduces risk posed to our clients.

Trust Owned Life Insurance (TOLI) enables a trust to provide for survivors by covering estate tax liability planning, balance inheritances among heirs and meet charitable objectives. We provide complete and routine evaluations of Trust-Owned Life Insurance policies and provide suggestions for optimal coverage. Leading banks, trust companies, law and accounting firms have witnessed the benefits of a partnership with Sage as we provide value for their clients while increasing their net profit.

Corporate Owned Life Insurance (COLI)  is life insurance for employees of a corporation or small business that is purchased and owned by the business or insurance company. COLI can be used to finance and/or offset the cost of employee benefit obligations. The team at Sage Consulting carefully analyzes the business structure and financial goals to asses and provide the best package. At Sage we consider a number of alternatives and in every case, our team takes several factors into account, providing the utmost in a detailed and careful analysis.

  • Split Dollar Life Insurance - Premium is recouped by the company and company remains beneficiaryof the total premium paid, while employee is awarded the remaining.

  • Key Person Life Insurance - A policy wherein death benefit is awarded to the company upon the death of its insured key executive.

  • Buy-Sell Agreements - A policy that funds the buyout of the company upon the death of one of the owners.

Irrevocable Life Insurance Trust (ILIT) is a trust established to fund a life insurance policy thereby precluding that policy from being considered as part of one's estate. As a result, the owner of the policy loses control. However a beneficiary can be assigned as the trustee. There are certain risks involved, which is why it is imperative to ensure objective and knowledgeable guidance in managing the trust.

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