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Key differentiating factors

Sage Consulting combines professional expertise with proprietary industry tools and resources. Our collective strengths and concierge level attention set us apart from advisors elsewhere in the industry

Concierge & Internal Underwriting

Our internal expertise and vigilant positioning create a specifically tailored, best-in-class offer resulting in exceptional cost savings. Sage has its own underwriter and medical director on staff. We maintain  the strictest privacy procedures, comprehend the medical issues, and underwriting constraints to properly position the case before it ever gets to the carrier lead underwriter.

Internal Legal Counsel

Our clients and their counsel benefit from the advice, advocacy and attention to detail provided by our in-house legal counsel. Having a non-practicing advanced underwriting insurance lawyer on staff provides our clients and their counsel with comprehensive and sound legal advice specific to the industry.

Insurance Analyst

We deconstruct complex products and clearly show the numeric value without bias; offering unparalleled value for our clients.

Insurance Actuary

Actuarial expertise enhances our ability to identify and reduce risk on behalf of our clients, ensuring the most optimal and cost-effective end result.

Product Mispricing Identification

Through product deconstruction, we uncover contract mispricing – a key step in providing the best value to our clients. Our understanding of the inner workings of insurance and other longevity products help us to identify and apply product anomalies to design the best package for our clients. 

Non-Biased Advice

We have access to proprietary tools and resources not commonly found elsewhere. However, we always maintain complete objectivity in identifying the most valuable solutions. 50% - 70% of our collective business occurs with outside carriers.

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