Sage Solutions for Executives and Corporations

Retaining the best and the brightest team doesn't happen by accident. Crafting the right solutions and achieving savings for your company does not need to be complex or take an inordinate amount of time.
Sage provides comprehensive consulting services to help retain the best and brightest employees for your company.  Programs include deferred compensation, supplemental executive retirement plans and many other risk management solutions. Sage will evaluate your existing programs to increase efficiency and lower costs, and consult with you to craft solutions that best meet your current and long-term needs.

Business Succession and Risk Management

We help our clients structure the transition and/or sale of their businesses via buy-sell agreements and other financial transactions. Our in-house, advanced estate planning attorneys review all documentation related to the ownership and transfer of business interests, and review the various methodologies currently available to pay income and estate taxes, while delivering necessary working capital and business liquidity.

Tax Minimization

For the independent business owner/entrepreneur, Sage offers entity-restructuring strategies, retirement planning and tax-deductible risk management solutions. We reduce Federal and State income taxes to the greatest extent under the law.

Policy Reviews

As policies mature and laws change, so do client needs. The team at Sage Consulting takes pride in our auditing process & provides the most comprehensive analysis to policies while providing suggestions for optimal coverage and wealth building strategies.

Qualified Retirement Plan Analysis

All retirement plans are not created equal. For many business owners, the structure of their existing plans may be flawed or underutilized in significant ways. Sage reviews the current design and matches it to the objectives of the owners to maximize value. We provide structural and actuarial analysis resulting in a more efficient and profitable plans for business owners.

Asset Protection and Protection from Lawsuits

It is necessary to insulate yourself and your family from lawsuits in today’s litigious society. Sage clients utilize a combination of trusts and financial instruments that provide asset protection. These include proprietary retirement plans, domestic asset protection trusts and specialty insurance products.

Physician and Physician Practice Solutions

The wealth protection needs of physicians and the practices are unique and complex. With higher incomes and the associated tax implications it's important to provide creative solutions and sound guidance. Sage offers income tax reduction strategies for physicians, proprietary insurance products, specialized qualified retirement plans, and unique life and disability products that cater to the specific needs of doctors.

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